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Website: Buddha Groove

Purpose: Online store selling “zen” products perfect for your yoga or meditation space!

When you arrive at the Buddha Groove website, you are greeted with a beautiful, zen-like assortment of categories as you can see below. These items are all chosen to inspire peace, happiness, and mindful existence in the present moment – and it shows!


The products offered on this website are perfect for anyone interested in “Eastern” spirituality – like Buddhism, yoga, and meditation. It’s also great for people drawn towards natural healing and wellness. Many of the items are handmade, and some of their items are made in the USA.Buddha Groove Gemstones

  • Jewelry: Rings, bracelets and necklaces with inspirational sayings
  • Cairn Sculptures: Decorative stacked rocks for your home or garden
  • Apparel: Gorgeous and colorful shirts, purses, headbands and a couple leggings will make you look and feel fabulous
  • Healing Crystals: Amazing crystal jewelry, crystal spheres and wands, pyramids and gemstone trees
  • Wellness Collection: Aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Terrariums: Fun to add to your home or office
  • Meditation Malas: Almost 100 different malas to choose from, made from a large variety of crystals
  • Meditation Bowls: Metal singing bowls to bring a new level of calm to your meditations

Navigating the Website & Purchasing

Clicking through the website is easy and enjoyable. The pictures are big enough to see clearly on a laptop or a mobile device and the pricing is right underneath of the item’s picture – no need to click on everything to see if it’s in your budget.

Speaking of budget, I would say their products are priced much LOWER than what you would find at a Natural Products Expo, but possibly a little higher than Amazon.

However, Buddha Groove has a rewards program, where 5% of your total order gets put aside in the form of a store credit.  The next time you shop, you can apply the credit to your order!

You can sign up for Groovy Weekend – a program where you receive one text every weekend where you can get one item from their collection at a deeply discounted price.

Shipping & Returns

Even though the prices are slightly higher than Amazon, they offer FREE SHIPPING within the continental US. You have 5 days after the delivery date to file any damage claims or incorrect item claims. BuddhaGroove.com also has a great return policy. They will take back any unused items with the original tags and packaging within 30 days of your order. (But you do have to pay the return shipping.)

My Opinions

I love this website! Buddha Groove has so many beautiful products that I would be happy to have come and live with me! The selection is wonderful, and I signed up already for the “Groovy Weekend”.

Based on my own experience with buying “Eastern” spirituality products, like singing bowls, crystals and essential oils, I feel like these look like they are of exceptional quality. Many of their products are handmade in the USA, which is always a bonus for me.

Overall, my rating of this website is 5 stars – easy to use, beautiful products, and FREE shipping are all important to me.

The Google rating for this website is a 4.9 – check it out below.









Click here for the Buddha Groove website!

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Disclaimer: I was given a small compensation for writing this review, but the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

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