Cat/Cow (Biralasana)

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Benefits: Practicing cat and cow can improve back flexibility with gentle flexion and extension of the spine and connect breath and movement

As you inhale, raise your head, looking up, and drop your belly at the same time.  

As you exhale, slowly release your head, letting your head and neck relax, and round your back, pressing your belly button towards your spine.

Continue linking these movements to your breath for 1 minute.

Modifications: If you cannot put weight on your knees, try this sitting on the floor or in a chair.  

Begin with hands together at heart center (prayer position). As you inhale, open your arms out to the sides, bringing your shoulder blades closer together on your back as you look up.  As you exhale, bring the hands back together and round forward, letting your head come back down.

NOTE: If you have a neck injury, keep your head neutral.  If you have a lower back injury, practice exhaling to cat pose and inhaling to a neutral tabletop.

Listen to your body and honor YOUR personal edge.  If moving back and forth between these poses becomes painful, then try again another day.  If you have any medical concerns, talk with your doctor before practicing yoga.


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