Gentle Yoga for Beginners – Finding a Home to Practice

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Everyone is at a different part of their journey of life and working on different aspects of their life. These aspects can be physical, mental, emotional, financial, familial, nutritional…just to name a few.

And just like our journey of life, yoga is a journey as well. All practicing yogis, no matter what age they are, once started as beginners.

Perhaps they started out young, flexible and in shape, but came to yoga for the mental aspects. Maybe they are older and have peace in their mind, but need a gentle way to jump start a physically healthy lifestyle. And others may be looking for friends and a place to be social.

Coming to our mat, whether in a class setting or at home, should be a space where we focus on only the experience that we are having and our intentions for our practice. With that being said, how do you find a “home” to practice yoga?

Research Local Studios

Once you have decided that practicing yoga is something you would like to do, start paying attention as you’re driving around. Yoga studios are popping up everywhere right now!

Check the websites for the studio and see what type of yoga they offer. Some have certain classes especially for beginners. Otherwise, look for Gentle Yoga or Restorative Yoga on their schedules.

Most studios have deals where you get unlimited classes for 30 days for one low price. This allows you to try each style class and different teachers. Even though one class may be called the same as another, every yoga teacher is unique and brings a special flavor to their students.

Check the reviews that are on the internet as well, but remember that most people who take the time to leave a review are either really satisfied or really unsatisfied. I prefer to try out studios that have reviews saying that they are clean and the teachers are wonderful, etc.

Another place that you can find yoga classes is your local YMCA or gym. I began my yoga journey at the YMCA – all because I was too cold to swim in the pool (one of my favorite ways to exercise) in February! The first teacher I had was so gentle, and everyone in the class was so welcoming. Even now, years later, that same “core group” of women still attend the same class time every week – no matter who the teacher is – because of the bonds they now share.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of starting yoga in a class full of other people who already know the verbiage and the style, then you can consider taking private lessons at a studio until you feel more comfortable. This way, you’ll learn and understand the names of the poses and the general flow of a practice.

Yoga at Home

If you’d like to know a little more about yoga before you try out a class, then YouTube has lots of free videos for you to follow along with. Again, you’ll notice that every teacher is different.

Most people make the mistake of just jumping right in to any class they find on YouTube. Sometimes it can be really frustrating when that class becomes too complicated for you, or is not challenging enough. But, if you watch the whole class first – before trying it – you’ll see if it could be a right fit for you. If not, try a different one!

There are apps that you can use on your phone, or another great site is If you click the link below, it will take you to my course on called Gentle Yoga for Beginners Vol. 1: Moving Towards Bliss. You can learn more about gentle yoga and also find 3 different gentle yoga practices.

Personalize Your Yoga

No matter where you practice – at a studio or at home – yoga is a very personal practice. As you move along your yoga journey, you will find new and exciting things to learn. Many things can be inter weaved with your yoga practice – energy work, traditional Chinese medicine, core workouts, sound healing, and the list goes on.

“When the student is ready, a teacher appears.”


  1. I started doing yoga several years ago. I haven’t done a class, but mostly through videos or books. Just based on what you’re saying about learning from class, I’m thinking I need to check out a local class. I appreciate the post. It makes me rethink if I need more formal training. You’re right! some of the yoga on youtube is incredibly hard!

    1. Hi JB… Yes, sometimes going to a class is helpful, because a teacher can give you tips to help keep your body safe or also make a tough pose easier / more accessible to your body. But please remember to always listen to your body and honor when it says NO! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Beautiful Article! I am in love with yoga and i wish i had the guts or the time to join a club but i do it in my home and you are so right! It is very personal and a way to connect to your own body! Since i have started practicing yoga, i feel like i know my body more and know what my body needs to feel more rejuvenated! Thank you for the great information 🙂 I will definitely be back to read more!

    1. Hi Spencer, Thank you for your kind comment! The beauty of yoga is that it is possible to literally do a practice anywhere! I’m glad that you are feeling connected with your body – that is something everyone needs.

  3. Hey Andrea 🙂 I love yoga and even though I practice at home I did sign up for a class outside the home for once a week. It’s so relaxing and helps with stress and who needs that,right? It’s even better when you go with someone. I’ve met some great people at yoga class as well. It’s really helped me physically and emotionally. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Rob! I’m glad that you have found a class that helps to relax you and where you have met some people. The energetic bond that is created when many people are moving and breathing together, is really special. Thanks for taking your time to comment 🙂

  4. Hello Andrea,
    I am one of those people that needs a gentle form due to health problems. It is a great point to shop around before choosing a location, type of yoga and instructor that all meet our needs and make us feel comfortable. If you dive right in and end up in a place that isn’t a good fit, it could be discouraging. Being uncomfortable or getting hurt is certainly counterproductive.

    I will check out your course on Udemy. I am more comfortable learning on my own and getting some background before I join a group.


    1. Hi Jessica! You definitely want to feel safe in yoga – knowing that a teacher is there to assist whenever you are uncomfortable. Thanks for checking out my course on Udemy – I hope it is a good fit!

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