How to Unlock Your Hip Flexors with this EASY Program

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Product: How to Unlock Your Hip Flexors – Click Here!
How much: $10 for the digital book, $15 for a physical book
Product review: The book is well written & informative, the exercises worked for me on the first day!
Rating: 5 Stars
Opinion: I really love the affordability of this book & program.  It comes with a few freebies as well.  Again, the exercises work!!

In another article on this blog (click here to read), I wrote about how James Levine coined the phrase, “SITTING is the new SMOKING”.

Sitting not only increases the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes, it also wreaks havoc on your muscles and locks the powerful hip flexors – also known as the Psoas (pronounced so-az) muscles. These large muscles help us balance, sit, stand, reach, bend, walk and step.

Think about a rubber band. If you don’t use it and stretch it out every so often, it dries up, gets brittle, and then breaks when you go to use it. If you overuse the rubber band, then it gets all stretched out and too weak and loose to hold it’s shape. 

Our muscles have elasticity as well. The problem is that when we sit all day, the Psoas muscles start to become short and tight because they aren’t being moved through their whole range of motion. The muscles on the lower back and back of the legs become stretched out and weak.

When you Psoas become short and tight, your hips start locking up and this can lead to the following problems:

You don’t want to walk like this!

Bad posture due to the muscles “reshaping” your body
Trouble sleeping because the muscles don’t relax
Sluggishness in day to day Life caused by a lack of sleep
High anxiety also caused by a lack of sleep and lack of relaxed muscles
Digestive problems since your front body is short and tight
Compromised immune system
Circulatory issues due to tight fascia
Joint Pains in Legs, Lower Back or Hips
Difficulty walking

Over time, your muscles become locked in these positions, and might not benefit fully from stretching and yoga until they are unlocked.

I personally have had extremely tight hip flexors – probably from a step class that I was taking at the gym.

My hips kept making that annoying clicking sound when I moved. Soon, this started affecting my ability to walk/hike 1-2 miles per day and I used this EASY program – “Unlock Your Hip Flexors” to fix my problem.

I was amazed on the first day I tried this and felt the freedom in my hips and was able to walk without discomfort. I found that doing these exercises really help with my yoga practice as well!

Now, yoga is amazing when it comes to maintenance of these muscles. But, if you are someone who sits all day or has some hip issues currently, then you may benefit from a program like “Unlock Your Hip Flexors”.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors was created by Rick Kaselj, MS, a Kinesiologist and Injury Specialist. He designed a sequential method of stretches and strengthening for the Psoas and the hips. According to Rick, it’s all about the CORRECT order of opening the muscles in your hips. If you do these exercises in a different order, you can actually tighten the muscles.

These exercises are EASY and FAST. It takes me about 10 minutes to go through the exercises and can be done alone, before a workout, or before a yoga practice.

Let me shout it out loud: THIS PROGRAM WORKS!! Of course, you do need to commit the time during the day to make it work. Reading the book and thinking about doing it doesn’t help!

If you want to unlock your hips with this program, Click Here! .

You’ll have 2 different options for the delivery of the book – either a digital version (currently $10) or a physical version (currently $15). I purchased the digital version and downloaded it to my Kindle.  It also comes with 2 bonuses – Unlock Your Hamstrings and a 7-day Anti-Inflammatory Diet book.

The book is 63 pages (about 44 of information and 13 pages of the actual exercises) and well laid out and easy to read. The pictures of the exercises are clear and the instructions are concise. You will need to be able to get on the floor for several of the exercises.

After starting this program, I know that you’ll feel looser and have less pain. That will lead to less anxiety and sleeping better!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with this program, please make a comment below. I would love to hear what you have to say!


Disclaimer: Because I liked this program so much, I decided to become an affiliate and share this with my readers.  I do earn commission when you click on any of the above links.  I really appreciate you taking your time to read this review!


  1. Hello Andrea,
    Great article. It resonated with me because as an online business,I spend so much time ‘sitting’ at my computer. I get so engrossed that I sometimes forget to eat, drink, and yes – move. This a great reminder and a wonderful suggestion. I will have to check it out. You are so right – you don’t use it,the potential to lose it, is very great!
    Keep up the good job.

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for this article!

    I have arthritis in my ankle that affects the way I walk which in turn affects different joints in a negative way, so I am always on the look out for tips to keep my other joints as happy and healthy as they can be.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Andy, Since our joints and muscles and fascia are all interconnected, it is really the whole body that is affected by something like arthritis. Movement can really help with bringing more fluidity into your body!

  3. Valid points Andrea,
    I am quite heavily into healthy living via natural minerals and your site is just adding extra knowledge to my own. Thank you

    1. Hi Ron, I’m so glad to hear that you are heavily into healthy living. Adding minerals to your diet and movement to your lifestyle helps keep your body young and pain free!

  4. Andrea,

    Great article! I loved the information as well as product suggestion. After having given birth to two children I experienced quite a bit of discomfort in my hips, naturally!

    I look forward to reading future articles.

  5. Hi Andrea and thanks for sharing this! I totally believe that movement is important to our wellbeing, especially nowadays when the world has become a highly sedentary one. We NEED to move more and your post inspires movement! I’m a Massage Therapist and I see a lot of people with tight hip flexors, so this post offerst great tips and advise for those who want to increase their flexibility in their hips.

    1. Hi Sanna, Massage is another wonderful method of self care that can help to loosen these tight muscles. It’s so important to keep moving your body after a massage. That way your body doesn’t go back to the unhealthy “holding patterns” that it was in prior. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Wow, what a great read. So so helpful and informative. I will share this information with others for sure. Exercising and keeping our body and joints in motion is the best way to stay healthy. Thank you so such a lovely read, I will be looking forward for more useful articles from you, thank you:)

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