Short Mindfulness Meditation Script

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Below is a mindfulness meditation script that I often use in the beginning of a yoga class or session. It helps bring your awareness and focus into the room, then into your body, then on your breath.

As you focus on the meditation, the “relaxation response” begins to settle in, calming your body and mind.

Ways to Use This Mindfulness Meditation Script

  1. Read the script slowly to yourself, pausing and closing your eyes after each paragraph.
  2. Record your own voice reading the script slowly and then listen with your eyes closed.
  3. Click on the YouTube video at the bottom of this page to listen to my voice reading the script.

Come to a comfortable seated position.

Close your eyes softly, take a slow, deep breath in, and as you exhale, allow your body to sink down into the floor or the chair.

Take another slow deep inhale, and as you exhale, let your shoulders relax down away from your ears.

One last deep inhale, and this time as you exhale, imagine your thoughts as small pebbles sinking slowly down to the bottom of a lake. Any time you find yourself engaging with a thought, see if you can use this technique to release it.

Now bring your awareness to the room you are in.

What sounds can you hear outside the room?
What sounds can you hear inside the room?

What does the temperature of the room feel like on your bare skin?
Try to notice different areas where your clothing feels tighter and different areas where your clothing feels looser.

Notice the parts of you that are touching the floor or the chair.
Notice the parts of your body that are touching other parts of your body.
Are your legs or ankles crossed?
Are your hands resting on your lap?
Do you feel your arms at your sides?
Is it warmer where your body is touching than where it isn’t?

Bring your awareness to your spine – is it straight or rounded?
If you reach the very top of your head up towards the ceiling, does your spine straighten up more?
Did that have any effect on your breathing?
Possibly allowing you to inhale just a little deeper?

Now start to concentrate on your breathing.
Feel the cool air moving into your nose, and feel warm air being exhaled out of your nose.
Now follow your breath as it travels down into your chest.
Notice the rising of your chest as you inhale.
And the falling of your chest as you exhale.
Stay focused on this rhythm for a couple more breaths.

See if you can expand your awareness to feeling your shoulders, chest and belly moving as you breathe.

And now try to expand your awareness to your whole body all together, feeling the whole body as 1 – completely interconnected.


Return to a comfortable breathing rhythm.
Bring your awareness back to your body on the floor or chair.
Feel the temperature of the room on the outside of your body.
Then, start to notice the sounds inside the room.
When you are ready, drop your chin to your chest and slowly open your eyes, focusing on one point at first, and then bringing your gaze back up into the room.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any requests for different meditations in the comments below!

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