Staff Pose (Dandasana)

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Benefits: Staff pose can strengthen back muscles, stretch shoulder muscles, stretch chest muscles, and improve posture

Sit on the floor with your legs long in front of you.  Bring your hands to the floor beside you. Press down to lengthen your spine and sit up straight.  Notice the hamstring stretch getting more intense as you flex your feet. Close your eyes and focus on your breath moving in and out, and notice the sensations in your body.

Hold this pose for 1 minute.


If your hamstrings are super tight, roll up a blanket and place underneath your knees.

If your hands do not reach the floor, place yoga blocks or books underneath your hands.

If your back is rounding, place a blanket under your sit bones.  This will help your pelvis to tip forward.

Sit up against a wall in order to feel proper alignment: feel the ears, shoulders and hips in a straight line.

NOTE:  Do not practice this pose if you have a wrist or low back injury.  

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